Transactions Downloaded to Wrong Account

I download banking transactions from Bank of America using the B of A
download facility into Quicken (the charge a fee if I use one step
update). I had two accounts and closed one. However, when I download
from the active account, it sends the transactions to the closed
account in Quicken.
I have tried to access the account and disabled the download feature
with no success. Any suggestion on how to resolve this would be
appreciated. Thanks // alan
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I have not played with it but try leaving Quicken closed and saving the file. Then open Quicken and import to the B of A account you want to use. It may allow you to select the correct account and then will remember it. I have to do the same thing for Emigrant Direct but that is because of their heavy security layers. I have not had the same issue as you, however.
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I had a similar problem but I had been doing these accounts off-line and had the account numbers swapped. Worth checking anyway. Mel
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Review the account info for each account in quicken to make sure that they have the correct account info. When in the account info for the old account make sure that the online services have been deactivated.
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