Trying to do an Investment Goal Report and Quicken doesn't seem to know what I own

I've been using a Quicken Account file for my brokerage holdings for several years. Therefore, many different funds have come and gone and still exist in the account file.
My Portfolio page is accurate and Quicken knows what I now own and doesn't list funds I no longer own. I download info regularly from Fidelity, my brokerage house.
I am now trying to do a report subtotaled by Invest Goals for my present holdings. Therefore, I chose "month to date" for the report.
Nevertheless, Quicken doesn't seem able to only list the funds I presently own. It lists some funds in each category that are no longer active and therefore, the report is essentially useless.
It seems to me that I would have to go to the securities tab and start checking off every fund I own - this would be a tedious process as I have many CDs, treasuries, and funds with similar names after all these years.
Is there no way to have Quicken create a report using only the funds that are presently held? It seems to me Quicken knows what's held because the portfolio is correct - how can I get it to pick up the information that way?
I hope this is clear, but if not, please let me know what I'm doing wrong or explaining inadequately.
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You can "print" the Portfolio tab.
Customize the Portfolio tab to "Group by" "Investing Goal". Then:
File > Print Portfolio
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John Pollard

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