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Q2005 Online Balance in Checking Acct
I have my checking account setup to use Quicken Bill Pay and that works just fine. A few months ago, I tried setting up the checking account to download transactions from my credit union, but found...
15 years ago
Using Quicken in overseas currency
I have Quicken 2005 installed on my laptop (Australia) and plan to take the laptop with me on a trip to Europe. Is there any simple way to enter the transactions I do (Visa, bank account) in Euros...
15 years ago 7
Run Time Error - Object Expected ... XG 2005 Canadian
I recently installed XG2005 Canadian Edition. Since the beginning I get an error everytime I use the Help facility and some other times when using the built-in IE. I tried installing the version of...
15 years ago
Quicken 20004: Retirement Planner: Special Expenses - inflation?
Quicken's retirement planner has a section titled Special Expenses. Here you enter large future expenses and when you expect to pay them. Unfortunately nothing I can find in Quicken Help indicates if...
15 years ago 2
XG updates
Where to go for software updates? ONE-STEP UPDATE gets them automatically.
15 years ago 1
XG Currency
How can I configure Quicken so it realises that currency is not required until I put in a foreign transaction... IE: removing currency toolbar as well as $ symbol in portfolio? Thanks. Are you using...
15 years ago 4
XG - Investor Centre
How can I obtian historical prices for my stock watch in the portfolio?
15 years ago
What a mess
I converted Quicken '99 Deluxe to 2005 Deluxe a few months ago. So far, it appears to be working out ok....(my balances always reconcile with the bank statment). However, I'm wondering why on earth do...
15 years ago 18
Investment transaction in Q2005
In Q2002, investment transactions showed the name of the transfer account without opening an edit screen. Am I missing a way to continue this feature in Q2005??? Thanks Traveling What do you mean...
15 years ago 2
deactivate online services
How do I deactivate an online service? I keep getting the following message: The Online Update Summary will show this error until you connect successfully or deactivate online services for the...
15 years ago 3
mutual funds - setup as single or multiple accounts
I have several mutual funds with different companies. Currently they are setup as single accounts within Quicken. Today I made a couple of exchanges into "new" accounts, and therefore will need to...
15 years ago 13
DDOS attack on my site
Just experienced and attempt of a DDOS attack on my site for as well as some sections of my personal web site.. Some jerk apparently didn't like the way the poll was going so they scripted up...
15 years ago 7
Cannot create scheduled transaction for Loan/liability account
I have done this before, but for some reason in 2005 I cannot get transactions created in liability accounts to automatically enter into the register. I have set the payment method to 'schedule...
15 years ago 4
Quicken 2004 (US) to Quicken XG 2005 (Canadian)
I've just moved and upgraded my Quicken - primarily to access Canadian banks. When I read in my old US file of many years the categories' linkages to tax forms changed as the 2 countries have...
15 years ago 1
Complex Transaction
Can anyone tell me how to handle this situation: Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) buys 51% of Banknorth (BNK). Banknorth to be re-named TD Banknorth and still trade as BNK. I am a Banknorth shareholder. For...
15 years ago 1