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One Step Update not working Q2005
When i select 1 step update to download transactions it opens for about half second then closes without doing anything. Any suggestions? I havent changed any settings.
14 years ago 2
what credit cards works with Quicken
I use Amercan Express Credit card which works great with Quicken - I usually pick up the downloaded expenses every few days. I am looking for a visa card that has this feature or even a master c...
14 years ago 23
Q 05 Mutual Fund Sell and Purchase
How do I enter a mutual fund sell and subsequent purchase, (same money amount), of another mutual fund? The purchase and selling will be in the same account and same day. Thanks Frank
14 years ago 7
Quicken 2005 - How to Do Online Transfers?
I'm trying to do an online transfer between accounts at the same bank and I don't seem to have that option in the register or the Online Center. I can use an XFR transaction and that moves the money ...
14 years ago 15
Net Worth problem in Q2005 Premier
When I go to Portfolio view an invesment account shows $6,239.84. This number shows up in all the investment views. When I run a Net Worth report this account lists $6,242.84 a $3.00 differnece. I can...
14 years ago 3
Q2002 --> How to Combine 2 Files?
I have two separate files (Q2002) with lots of investment data and want to combine them into a single file, with all transactions, etc., intact. Can this be done? How? -- ~Ike in Virginia
14 years ago 5
Intuit Refusing to Honor Quicken 2005 Rebate
I bought TT04 and QD2005 and submitted the rebate to Intuit for $10 on TT and $30 on QD2005. They sent the $10 and ignored the other part of the rebate. After a couple of emails back and forth for m...
14 years ago 3
How to handle investment fees?
I'm looking for a way to handle fees charged by a financial advisor, in Q2005, so that the expense properly reduces the investment performance. In Q2001 I used a MiscExpnse catagory, but Q2005 handl...
14 years ago 4
Q2005 Mutual Funds
For some reason, all of a sudden, when purchasing mutual funds, Quicken will not let me enter the total cost and price per share and automatically calculate fractional shares purchased. It is requi...
14 years ago 11
My Quicken 2005 problem -scheduled transactions
I have reluctantly upgraded to Q2005 so that I can continue to download my brokerage account transactions. On Q 2002 I had set up a list of scheduled transactions - such as mortgage payments, retir...
15 years ago 4
backup causes screen to go black for two seconds
i have quicken 2993 running on xp sp2. everytime i do a file backup, my screen goes black for 2 or 3 seconds and then returns to normal. the backup appears to be good/usuable so there is no immediat...
15 years ago 8
Quicken stinks
I bought MS Money a year ago, and was thoroughly disgusted with it for numerous reasons. I'd upgraded from an old version of Money which worked very well, was simple to use and figure out, and kept tr...
15 years ago 2
2004 P H&B; how to zero bankrupt customer invoice
I am not an accountant, and use H&B strictly to do invoicing and to receive payments. I have 5 invoices showing on my unpaid invoices list. The customer filed bankruptcy and I received nothing. The...
15 years ago 1
Q2005: Prompt for payemnt type after credit card reconcilation
After I went through the reconciliation for one of my credit cards, Q2005 put up a dialog box asking me what type of payment I would like to use (i.e., online, printed check, etc). On the lower left ...
15 years ago 3
Changing Account Number for OnlinePayee
Using Quicken 2004, I needed to change the Account Number for an Online Payee. The edit screen let me change all the data entered, *except* the Account Number. OK, it was a minor nuisance, but I th...
15 years ago 5