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How does my mortgage lender treat house prepayments
For the last year, I have been adding a little bit of extra to my house payments. I have a 15 year fixed rate mortgage that I obtained at 4.875% a few years ago. When I carefully looked at my statemen...
11 years ago 3
For Anyone Using "My Yahoo" Financial To List Their Portfolio, etc.
Hello, Am getting on a bit in years now, so please bear with me a bit. I have my Portfolio of stocks on My Yahoo, the Financial page where you can list them, and it shows values etc. Works pretty well...
11 years ago 2
Refinance HELOC
Hi, I have $200K balance on my home equity line of credit of my primary residence. I own the house outright and the current market value for the house is about $400K. Is it a right approach to refinac...
11 years ago 9
trading illiquid stocks
An illiquid preferred stock that I would like to buy is currently (9:43AM) trading at 4.48 bid for 700 shares 5.04 offered for 100 shares Other things being equal, investors should avoid such illiquid...
11 years ago 5
non-deductable IRA?
I'm 59 y/o and have a pension plan at work, maxed out 401K and Roth IRA contributions, AGI > Roth IRA contributions, AGI > Roth IRA contributions, AGI
11 years ago 2
How to shop around for health insurance?
Things at my company are looking a little shaky. If I get laid off I wonder how would I go about acquiring health insurance? I can afford high deductible, upto around $40,000. I also read that one can...
11 years ago
IRA accounts and living trusts
should IRA accounts be held in the name of "Joe Dokes, Trustee of the Joe Dokes Living Trust"? On Feb 24, 8:17 am, "Gil Faver" I am working with a Trust Attorney right now to help a client. The non-I...
11 years ago 2
Bank run on Citibank?
Presently, Citibank stock is trading at a level that implied an almost imminent bankruptcy. Most likely, on the basis of assets and liabilities, properly valued, it is insolvent. What also complicates...
11 years ago 2
Home Equity Line of Credit
At the moment, the only debt that our family has, aside from credit cards that we pay off in full every month, is the house. We owe about 40% on it and pay appx. 12% of our gross as mortgage. However,...
11 years ago 13
What about Leverage?
Is this the time, between now and say summer, for the average investor to borrow money to purchase buy and hold stocks? A basket of expensive blue chip type stocks that have high dividend yields and a...
11 years ago 21
Withdrawal calculator
I am having a terrible time with what should be a simple calculation: How much can a saver withdraw monthly from a lump-sum of $312,000 if the assumed return is 4.5% and the life expectancy is 28 year...
11 years ago 10
Market Low?
What happened to the November 20 market low? Ok, so we now know that prediction might be wrong. Is anyone changing strategies? What course of action are people following? Retired, I'm not doing anythi...
11 years ago 9
Stock broker wants me to switch account to their new employer
I assume this is perfectly legal to call up clients urging them to switch. How would you handle this? She is going to send me some literature in the mail about the stockbroker she is now working for. ...
11 years ago 10
Fascinating Comment from Local Bank on Government's Plan
A friend is trying to get his bank to refi his interest only loan. In an email exchange yesterday, the bank's loan officer wrote, "I just forwarded a similar correspondence to my boss indicating our o...
11 years ago 4
What Harm Can A Scoundrel Do With My Financial Data?
Hi, I am thinking about moving our financial data to our home fileserver. That would make it accessible to both my desktop and my laptop. Also, it might make it more vulnerable to hackers. It would be...
11 years ago 6