Upgrade and Machine Migration

changing out his computers (Peer to Peer install currently and planned to remain peer to peer after the upgrade).
What is the recommended method to perform the data migration from one machine to the other?
The Peachtree "guide" doesn't elaborate on data migration at all.
Should I install 2007 on the new machine, backup the company data on the old machine, restore the company data to the new machine, then attempt to open the company (thereby activating the conversion process)?
Or am I missing something in that process?
If the above process is correct, does it matter where I restore the data to on the new machine prior to opening it for conversion?
Thanks in advance,
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That is probably the simplest method. Open up PT and close the Open Company Screen. Select File>>Restore and follow the prompts. When you specify to RESTORE the backup, specify that you want to create a NEW company. If you have special forms then specify to restore the data AND customized forms.
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