Database setup for 2nd machine

I am having trouble setting up the database connection for the 2nd machine.
The database connected fine on the first machine. On the 2nd machine I set up
the server name of the 1st machine, and the same database name as the one on
the first machine. I get it connected, but when I go to store operations, I
am not able to get in. It looks like the 2nd machine is somehow still not
using the database from the first machine.
Any suggestions ?
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On the second machine, make sure you log into Windows as an administrator before making any configuration changes in SO Admin. SO Admin saves it's settings to the registry and limited users don't have rights to modify those settings by default.
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
We always set the database server machine's IP address to a static one.
Then on all other stations, we put that IP address into the SO Admin's Server field on the Connect and the Configure pages.
On the database server machine, it's either (Local) or . (that's a period).
Database name should be the same on each, whatever you called it when you created it.
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