Please help me on RMS work order

I work order one voucher item. But am not able to invoice this work order and its showing an error called "Invalid Quantity". Can any one guide me how to work order a voucher item and later invoicing it ???.. Please help as its very urgent
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You can't put any Serialized item period on a layaway, workorder or a quote, for that matter.
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Vouchers need to be sold immediately and not placed on any order form.
Quote, no. Workorder or Layaway, yes -- using: SWAT Search for RMS or Serial Editor for RMS Info:
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Greg Digital Retail Solutions
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Greg [DRS]
Will you tell me a little more on how your "voucher item" was intended to do with the work order and the invoice?...I had a similar problem with using a store credit (a voucher) applied towards a work order.
We found a way to do an exchange (customer returning a item) for an out-of-stock item that has to be put on a work order for future delivery. It's a bit complicated.
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