POS (Not RMS) Item Not Found After Creating

We added two new items to our inventory, both bottled juices, creating them
using the Code 39 barcode on the each item's label.
After adding them, we tested their availability (price, in stock,
description) by scanning each barcode. The POS system prompts us to Create
New Item (which we define as not found in the database). Checking the item
list, we do not find the items we just created. Searching for Item Number,
Description, etc, produces no search results.
So, we attempted to re-enter them into the POS system. On one item, a
prompt states Item Description already in use. On the other item, a prompt
states Item Number already in use. But we can find no evidence of either
when we search for them.
We can't delete them and re-create them, because they can't be found. But
we can't re-create them because the Item Number and Item Description is
already in use.
What's going on?
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Mark Kalmus

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