QB and check printing

I have a new printer in the office. With the previous inkjet printer, I was
able to use a check (or two) off the page, and feed the remaining check(s)
as a single in the same manner as my usual pages.
The new laser printer has an envelope feed.
I have tried selecting '1' as number of checks on first page, and selecting
center position on the 'Partial Page' tab, in order to feed from the
envelope feeder.
Initially, the problem was that the check fed landscape but the program
printed portrait (not Intuit-tive, as the picture for partial page SHOWS the
check going in like an envelope).
I selected 'landscape' for orientation in printer options (not liking it, as
I have to remember to change it the next time I print), but still, the
information is not coming out correctly on the check.
Yes, I have heard about "forms leaders" - interestingly my local office
supply stores do not carry them. I googled and found them only available
though Intuit (why does that surprise me?). With a wait time of several days
and a twenty person payroll (why, oh why, can I not print ALL types of
checks, so that I can have a number divisible by three?) I am looking for an
Are these really needed to print checks? What could I be doing wrong on the
print checks screen? Is anyone successfully printing single checks using a
laser printer?
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L wrote:
You problem is you're trying to print on, esentially, a scrap of paper with a machine designed to handle a full page. That's like using a bicycle on a freeway.
Use voucher checks (one per page) and all the problems, confusion, and time-wasting disappears. This solution will cost you, oh, $10 more per year in blank forms.
Alternatively, get an old dot-matrix printer with a friction feed. Use it for only for printing checks. This solution will cost you, um, $30 for the printer - which should last 25 years (hey, it's already lasted for twenty).
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?? The printer has an envelope feed. I can print from Word on the envelope. Yet QuickBooks cannot print on a check? (And the analogy is a bit skewed, the new printer isn't a bicycle, it's more like a sports car - runs faster with more bells and whistles)
Not true. 2000 3 to a page checks run around $107.00. 2000 voucher checks run $173.00. A difference of $66.00 per box. But, cost issues aside, printing 3 pages vs. 1 page per every three checks seems a bit wasteful.
I pay a lot for my office 'real estate', Maintaining a seperate printer 'only for printing checks' takes up desk/table space currently used for other purposes.
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L wrote:
Ah, poor baby. Didn't buy those lazer taxi's did you. Didn't realize you needed them did you. Well you do. Lots of them.
Since you are saving so much on those checks, well you must print a lot of them. Just learn to pay your vendors in batches of 3!
SlowBooks isn't Slowken. It wasn't set up for super small check runs of 1. No it won't rotate your check and print it. Slowken will. You might check it out [pun intended]
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Golden California Girls
I expected better of you.
I've been participating in this ng for 5 years now. I'm not a troll, not nasty, and in general I give as much good information as I get.
Now, I am not running small batches of checks. Nor is my business small enough for Quicken which, as you so deftly pointed out, would not have a problem with printing single checks.
When I print checks they don't always group in 3. Most notably, my weekly payroll for twenty employees causes a leftover single check. Add to that two partners checks, which, stupidly, have to be printed separately from payroll checks, and I have an additional leftover single check.
QuickBooks SHOWS an option for single print on the screen. An option that currently is not working with my new printer.
I find it difficult to believe my company is the only company using an HP laser to print checks, or the only company to use 3 per page checks.
But I am astounded to find that a request for information on what I believed to be issue affecting multiple users, was met with sarcasm, animosity, disdain and a general lack of helpfulness.
I've lost count of the number of threads in which you've vilified others for posting in a similar vein as your reply to me.
I'll leave you with one of your own quotes "There ain't no way that someone who is such as asshole on this newsgroup isn't one face to face."
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L wrote:
The analogy is sound. The freeway is designed for cars; you're trying to make the freeway usable for a different type of vehicle. Conversely, your pussymobile sports car won't work at all on a bicycle path. Your new HP printer is not a Swiss Army knife; it will print address labels, but only if they are sheet-fed. It won't print a single, individual label, nor will it handle continuous-form labels, no matter how much you want it to do so or how versatile you expect your mailing-list software to be.
Okay. $66 per 2000 checks difference. (Don't forget the shipping). That's three cents additional per check. How many checks per month are involved? As for wasteful, nah, paper comes from trees. Trees are a crop, like wheat.
Okay, ditch the HP laser and use only a dot-matrix printer. Then you'll have a gripe against Adobe Photoshop when you find their software can't print color photos.
If it's not one thing, it's another.
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Geez! Who pee'd in your cornflakes?
The printer has an envelope feed. The software has a partial page option that is supposed to work with an envelope feed.
Translation: there is a feature provided in the program that is not working for me.
Now, leaving omniscience to a higher being, I posed a series of questions to the ng. "Are these(forms leaders) really needed to print checks? What could I be doing wrong on the print checks screen? Is anyone successfully printing single checks using a laser printer?"
Evidently, the questions offended both you and the Golden California Girls. Gotta admit, that baffles me, as I'm not one to get angry if I can't solve someone else's problem. And attacking someone just for asking advice on a matter that eludes my own comprehension is also foreign to me. I'm just not that insecure. But, hey, if being faced with your own ignorance is a problem for you that's fine, just don't make it my issue.
You and GCG could both borrow some Disney philosophy - "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Since that statement requires the maturity of a well-behaved young rabbit, I'll modify it a bit for attitude and IQ - if you don't know the answer don't bother speaking.
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