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How would I go about renaming a company. I see there are several QB files
containing the company name. I'm hesitant to simply rename them. Yet I
don't see any item in the menu bar or QB help for this purpose.
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Dunno for sure, but you could try copying the existing file to a new name and see what happens.
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Do you want to rename the **COMPANY**, or just rename your **FILES**?
You can rename the Company in the Company Information window. When you first create a new QB file the filename is derived from the Company Name, however the company name and filename are otherwise independent - you can change the company name without affecting the filename, and vice-versa.
What are the filename extensions of the "several files" that you see? There should be one data file with the extension ".QBW". You can simply rename this file (provided that it's not in use at the time), keeping the QBW extension. However this may not be advisable in some circumstances - see below.
If the file is in use there is a temporary file with the extension ".QBI". This file should be automatically deleted when you close your company file. You will probably not be able to rename your data file if it is still in use.
If you use the QB backup function, your backup files have the extension ".QBB". You can rename these (keeping the QBB extension), or not, as you wish; they exist independently of the QBW file.
Exported data generally has the extension ".IIF". The first part of the filename is generally the same as the data file, but it need not be. You can rename these files (keeping the extension) if you wish, or not.
You may or may not have a folder with a name ending in "- Images" associated with your data file. I'm uncertain whether this should be renamed together with your QBW file. The safest thing would be to make a copy of this folder, giving it a name that corresponds to your renamed QBW file. You may be able to determine later which folder is being used, and then delete the unused folder.
You may or may not have and Accountant's Copy file with the extension ".QBA". If so, you should consider either importing the Accountant's changes or cancel the Accountant's Copy before renaming your QBW file.
Do you have other files that I've not mentioned above?
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