Help! Account flagged with downloaded transactions to review, but nothing shows in DOWNLOADED LIST

I had to do a system restore, and now when I updated Quicken using OSU, none of the downloaded transactions appear in the DOWNLOADED TRANSACTIONS LIST to accept into the register. They do show up in the TOOLS->ONLINE CENTER list, but I cant seem to get them to 'appear' in the register.
When I hover over the red flag in the accounts list, it shows YOU HAVE nn TRANSACTIONS TO REVIEW, but I can't seem to be able to bring them up to click to enter into the register....
Any ideas?
Next step will be to uninstall and reinstalled Quicken. I did try the 'fix' shown in
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but that didn't work either....
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Never mind. I figured that since I did the complete Win10 system restore because of registry issues (he computer was turned off for a week+ while I was on vacation), perhaps the Quicken portion of the registry was somehiow
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I *DID* uninstall and reinstall Q, over-wrote my current copy with the last good backup (which I had tried this scenario before the uninstall/reinstall, btw), and re-downloaded all the FI transactions.
Success! They show up in the D/L window again.
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