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I went to an on-line account and on entering my details was told that my account has been suspended because it hadn't been accessed for 6 months. After a bit of searching around I find the FAQ and the 0844 24/7 support number at 5p per minute.
I ring the support number which gets me through to the Indian call center.
I explain the problem and then get the 5+ minutes of the scripted identity and security questions.
Only afterwards I am then told that if I press the "forgotten password" link on the web log on page there is an option to unblock the suspended account.
Is it not possible for call center staff to use their initiative and give the simple answer before resorting to the script on their computer?
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Each of their calls is monitored to make sure they follow the script from the start. If they use their initiative they risk being fired.
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Stephen Wolstenholme
I've been working in an overseas call centre for a few weeks and sometimes it is just as frustrating for us. The calls must be handled in the way in which the client has requested it be done, which means we have to follow the script as written.
We get monitored to ensure that we are handling calls as we should. Any attempt to deviate from the script and simply use common sense or initiative is forbidden. Don't blame the person who answers your call, it's not always his fault.
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Chris Blunt
Did you look for an arternative number, maybe 0800 or a geographic number? see
formatting link
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brightside S9

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