Wanted: London Stock Exchange Traders

I'm looking to get in contact with traders on the LSE.
We're expanding our end-of-day data offerings to include the London Stock
I've got a few questions for traders of the LSE about how the market works,
how they would prefer the data to be laid out/separated (ie not all in one
folder), trading hours, sector-based approaches with respect to data , etc.
We're looking to source the data from CSI (who have a very good reputation
for quality data) but put lots more value-add onto the data to make it more
useful for traders.
I'm happy to compensate for your time (probably a couple of telephone calls
at my expense) with a free subscription to our data, so if you're a
reasonably experienced trader of the LSE please get in contact with me (the
email address on this posting has anti-spam encoding on it but you should be
able to decode my address from there).
Norgate Investor Services
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