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I'm trying to update my tax service and Peachtree Complete Acctg 2004 continually gives me the message that it Cannot connect to the internet.
I have DSL and am connected. It works for any other program - just not Peachtree. I've disabled my firewall and Norton and still cannot get it to connect.
Any suggestions?
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Firstly if you are on XP, you may safely turn Windows Firewall back on. It won't be controlling your outbound traffic. The fact that everything else works save Peachtree indicates it is not configured properly.
Unfortunately I do not have Peachtree loaded on this computer so I cannot describe the exact process, but look around through the option screens for a connection method. You are most likely using a LAN connection, so make sure that is specified. I have seen it prompt the first time it tries to update, so perhaps you used to be on dialup then switched and it's getting confused.
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The place to define your Internet connection is located under Options>>Define Internet Connection. In your case, you want to specify "Use a direct Internet connection"
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