Pinpad Verifone 1000SE

Hi, We are having problems getting the Verifone 1000SE pinpad to work with MS POS 1.0. The pinpad is the usb version. We've installed the usb drivers and RmsPinPad1000SO.dll. We've changed the registry entry to match the com port that the pinpad shows up as (have tried com3 and com9). Using hyperterminal and pressing the cancel key on the pinpad sends a charater. After installing the pinpad in MS POS we receive an error message after restarting the program that says that there is a communication problem with the pinpad. Are we using the wrong dll for this version of POS? Thanks.
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We've never tried USB cabled pinn pads. I would suggest use a serial connection for the pinn pad.
Daniel Tech Support snipped-for-privacy@nurol.com NuRol Point of Sale
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Hi Daniel, Unfortunately we don't have a serial port available. The Verifone driver sets up the USB port as a standard serial port. This should be the same as using a USB to serial converter with a standard serial pinpad. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.

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