MS POS 2009 and Verifone 1000SE

I am running Vista Business 64-bit, MS POS 2009 and have the following POS hardware... Epson Receipt Printer, POS-X Credit Card Reader, POS-X Cash Drawer, Symbol 2208 Barcode Scanner, Elo Touchscreen, and the Verifone 1000SE PinPad.
I cannot get the PinPad to work with POS 2009. I requested the USB version from my merchant service provider, and they sent the serial version with the DB9 to USB cable converter. My register computer does not have a serial port, which is why I wanted the USB pinpad. I have a USB PinPad cable, but it does not even power up the PinPad when attached. I have setup the port in device manager... (COM & LPT) with the following settings...
1200 Baud Rate 7 Data Bits Even Parity 1 Stop Bit Disabled FIFO Buffer on the Advance Tab.
I selected COM port 5.
I added the PinPad to the register from Settings, Register Setting, View/Edit Register, but the properties button is greyed out. After closing POS 2009 and restarting, I get the following error... "Could not find the specified file."
I am assuming that it is referring to the driver for the PinPad. The Verifone website does not include a driver for Windows Vista 64-Bit, it states in the readme file that the driver supports Vista(X86).
Please tell me that I am not going to have to reinstall my register with a 32-BIT version just to get the PinPad to work.
Need help.
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The OPOS Service Object for the 1000SE that ships with POS 2009 and RMS 2.0, does not support 64-bit OS. If you want to stay on a 64-bit OS, you can try contacting Verifone for a 64-bit service object.
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I have contacted Verifone via email for this. I will re-post if they reply.
I really do not want to have to rebuild my register and re-install POS 2009.
Does is matter that POS 2009 installs into the Program Files (x86) directory?
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Does anyone have the RMS OPOS Driver for VeriFone 1000 PinPad v1.5.0.0?
Every company is pointing to every other company and I'm in an endless frustrating loop - just for a driver.
Thanks a lot,
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Did you ever find the OPOS Driver for the 1000se?
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