Samsung SRP-500 Serial Receipt printer problem

I am trying to get a serial Samsung SRP-500 receipt printer to work with RMS.
I have downloaded the OPOS drivers from
formatting link
installed them. When I try to check health on that setup printer it gives
me a OPOSPrinter: Claim Error. The printer is not in use by windows, does
not show up in windows printers. Has anyone had success with these
printers? I emailed the website support and the emails came back to me.

Thank you
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I tried to get Samsung SRP350's to work a few years ago and was unable to do so. I spent many hours on it. So I won't touch Samsung receipt printers. The master distributor in the US is CRS in Minneapolis and they had the OPOS drivers written. They're also an RMS reseller. They'd be your best hope.
I stick with what I know works - Epson or Star Micronics.
Rick Brown DataBasics
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Rick Brown
Does the printer have a serial option and not use the opos. I have had the same problem with Dell receipt printers and others, but they also have a serial option and I went and purchased a cable that converts USB (from the computer) to a rs232 serial 9 pin cable (for the printer) and they have always worked fine.
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The SRP can be configured for Samsung printer mode, Epson printer mode or Star printer mode. If you change it to Epson, it should work fine... I believe it's done via a dip switch (under a cover in the bottom of the printer). The printers are actually quite nice (same features as Epson, less expensive... can even beep when out of paper (with a firmware update, available from CRS))...
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"it should work fine"
Yes it should - but does it? I worked with a tech at CRS for hours on it. They finally took the 3 used 350's (were used with Quicksell before OPOS) I had and sent me new Epson's just so they could fiddle with the 350's. I've since seen several reports here of people not being able to get them to work and I pointed them to CRS - but I've never heard of anyone getting them to work except for CRS's RMS sales person Dave Schwartzbauer, who claimed to.
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Rick Brown

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