Quicken Premier 2017 One Step Update error

I am getting a OSU error what I do not understand.
Quicken Premier 2017 - Quicken Bill Pay Error
Error Message: One step update Summary Quicken Bill Pay (2 accounts: Error) This payment was processed on 4/14/2017: Payee "xxxx Cardmember services" Due Date: 4/14/2017 Process on 4/14/2017 Amount: 85.00
The $85.00 amount is a valid payment via credit card charge. The Credit Card bill (that included the 85.00 charge) was paid as part of a larger amount paid (and reconciled) via Quicken Bill Pay to my credit card account. One of the two accounts referenced in the error message is the account that was used to pay the charge. The other account has no apparent relationship to the charge, payment or billpay transaction. The registers for both accounts look correct.
I have run a file validate and repair with no relevant errors (just investment date issues).
I have also logged into to Quicken Bill Pay and everything there appears to be in order.
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Allen Malone
The problem dissappeared when I did my update today. Must have been a screw up on quicken bill pay.
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Allen Malone

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