FATAL error : Language database file

Dear All,
Have any one experience this problem??
FATAL error : Language database file c:\documents and
settings\administrator\desktop\MGRLanguage.dat not found.
the application store manager/store pos/store administrator cannot be open....
it was saying not a valid win32 application.
It happen in two shops with data residing on it.
I'm using 1.3.0203
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why you have the mgrlanguage.dat on your desktop ?? :)
try to re-install store operation on program folder.. and remove all refernce to MGRLanguage.dat from your registry with regedit
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that i don't know why it was in the desktop but it is just a normal setup whcih goes to this folder -->C:\Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations.
all of a sudden this error just came up :)
that's why , I thought of posting it here...
Nothing new...but to reinstall the whole application. I was just wondering maybe this is known bug and fix is available.
Thanks for the reply :)
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Yes. It was fixed after reinstallation.
After scanning this we found out ,it was a VIRUS that hit our system "PE_FUJACKS.BE,PE_FUJACKS.BE-O & HTML_FUJACKS.E"
Backup the reports,html (if modified) and receipt templates.
Plus backup your database..before reinstalling..just in case something goes wrong.
Thanks COD fo replying.
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