Cash drawer not opening after transaction

We have a star 200 receipt printer and a cash drawer. We are using the OPOS
drivers and the printer prints fine and the cash drawer does not open after a
If you go into the devices within RMS the cashdrawer and the printer test
We where told to try the windows print drivers for the receipt printer but
this caused a problem the receipt would only print partialy. So we went back
to the OPOS drivers. They are currently using a key to open the cash drawer.
Any Ideas would be appreciated.
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Bart M
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I'm assuming the cash drawer connects to the printer. Make sure there are not Windows printers that are assigned to the port that the Star printer is connected to (Including Software/Virtual printers like Intuit or MS Office Document writer). I don't use Star very ofter, but I set up an upgrade for a customer that had existing printers and I believe that was what fixed this issue there.
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
Bart, I had a similar problem switching FROM a Star printer to an Epson. Check out this thread:
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Hopefully, you'll get an idea of where I am going with this. Everything works fine for us now. I would ask what is the model of cash drawer you have and what is the model of Star printer you have.
The next step would be to examine the pin outs for the printer and the wiring diagram for the drawer. One of those pins on your Star printer is sending out 12 or 24 volts and another pin is the return. Basically, you need to determine those two pins and then make sure they are the ones supplying voltage to your solenoid that kicks the drawer out.
Through my ordeal, I learned that each printer company has a different pin out - there is no standard, and that each cash drawer is wired differently as well. They can all do what you want, but if you didn't order the cash drawer with the specific printer specified you're going to have to make some modifications yourself.
There is usually no soldered connections in the drawer - they are using spoon connectors.
I hope this helps and it is a lot simpler than I thought it would be.
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Which OPOS drivers are you using, RMS' or Star's? Use one or the other, not both.
Start | Program | Microsoft Retail... | Configure OPOS devices |
Start | Programs | Star-Micronics | OPOS setup
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The Cash drawer is opening fine when I do a test through RMS store operations but not after a transaction. All the transaction types are setup to open the cash draw however. The other register is working fine and it uses the same printer and cash drawer.
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Bart M
I have this problem before when i connect cash drawer whith printer it is work proparly but if i make it any refound after that cash drawer not open whith any INV. Try connect cash drawer direct to your computer if you have port.
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