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Accounting Software

Repeating depostis have disappeared

posted on 05-12-2019

I have made a loan that I get monthly check for. This is now the second month in a row, maybe third, when Quicken [2019] didn't enter the pending deposit at the beginning of the month, so when I ... read more »

Seeking work-around for stock option problems

posted on 08-06-2018

I have Quicken Premier subscription, all software up to date. I have two related problems with accounting for employee stock options. In real life, my options have grant date and first-vest-date th... read more »

Reports for Time Tickets

posted on 05-06-2014

I need to print a sales invoice showing from a time ticket the date of each event, the employee ID, invoice description and total rate. I can get the invoice description and rate from sales invo... read more »


Can I deduct sales expenses from amounts received?

posted on 05-21-2019

Years ago I lent a company money and they gave me gems as collateral. When they defaulted and I got the gems, I found they were much harder to sell than I expected. (yeah, it sounds like a scam to m... read more »

Business Software

Thermal Printer not cutting after document but does after page

posted on 11-21-2017

Hello, Came across this forum and thought you guys might be able to help. We purchased some HOP-E801 thermal printers to print receipts with our sage system, however, when we print two pages with the... read more »

General Accounting

Why can't we get rid of 1p, 2p, 5p coins?

posted on 05-12-2019

Why can't we get rid of 1p, 2p, 5p coins? They're virtually worthless. read more »

Reverse mortgages now almost a must?

posted on 04-10-2016

Marketwatch has an article about new rules making reverse mortgages more attractive: The new math on reverse mortgages http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-new-math-on-reverse-mortgages-2016-04-10 . read more »

(( – )) 9 20 20 19

posted on 04-08-2019

(Mini MBAin Legal affairs Management) ? ? ... read more »

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